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Covid online learning

Supporting students fact sheets

The School of Education at Western Sydney University has put together fact sheets to support high school students with learning from home.

Fact Sheet 1: Supporting HSC Students

Fact Sheet 2: Supporting Secondary Maths

Fact Sheet 3: Supporting English and Literacy for Seconday Students

Fact Sheet 4: Supporting Wellbeing

Quick access guides

Infographics on how to join and use the various remote learning platforms

How to access Google Classroom

How to access MS Teams

How to access NSW Education Zoom

Guide to Online Learning at MFHS

MFHS students will be engaging with online learning over the coming weeks. Students are to follow their normal school timetable each day.

Students will need access to:

  • Their student email; and
  • Google Classroom,

to participate in online learning.

1.     What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a free online learning platform that allows teachers and students to engage with resources and tasks via an easy to use online format. Students at MFHS have been using Google Classroom, both at school and at home, for a number of years now. Google Classroom is endorsed by the NSW Department of Education and is fully supported by, and works with, the broader Google Education suite. Google Classroom can be accessed from any device connected to the internet, including laptops, desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Teachers can use Google Classroom to:

  • Send announcements to entire classes;
  • Share resources, including course notes, PowerPoints, diagrams, TV4Education videos, websites and Blended Learning tutorials;
  • Set learning activities and homework; and
  • Provide individualised feedback to students.

Students can use Google Classroom to:

  • Communicate with their teachers;
  • Access resources for their subjects;
  • Complete set activities, including homework; and
  • Access individualised feedback on their work.

2.    Accessing Google Classroom

Each individual class at MFHS will have its own subject-specific Google Classroom, which will be overseen by the classroom teacher.

Students can access Google Classroom by:

  • Logging into their Student Portal; or
  • Downloading the Google Classroom app (Android and iOS).

Students must sign into Google Classroom using their student email and password.

Many students, especially students in Years 11 &12, will already be enrolled in a Google Classroom for each of their subjects.

Students who are not yet enrolled in a Google Classroom for some, or all, of their subjects, will receive a unique code via their student email. This code will allow them to ‘join’ (enrol) in the Google Classroom for their specific class and subject. It is essential that students are able to log into their student email, so that they can join all of the Google Classrooms and access work posted by their teachers.

3.    What is expected of MFHS students when engaging with online learning?

Once students are successfully enrolled in a Google Classroom for each of their subjects, they need to ensure that they check:

  • Their student email; and
  • Google Classroom streams,

every school day.

Students are expected to complete all posted work. If a student does not understand a task or resource that has been posted, they can post a message to their teacher seeking clarification or further information.

4.    Who should I contact if I have questions or need more information?

If students are unable to access their student portal, please contact Ms Hannaford via email:

If students are unable to access the Google Classroom for a specific subject, they should contact their classroom teacher for that subject via email.

If a student does not know their classroom teacher’s email, they should contact the Head Teacher Teaching & Wellbeing for their year via email:

  • Mrs Imelda Judge Head Teacher Teaching & Wellbeing 7 & 10

  • Ms Sangeeta Hegde, Head Teacher Teaching & Wellbeing 8 & 11

  • Ms Melissa Collins, Head Teacher Teaching & Wellbeing 9 & 12

If a student has difficulty accessing Google Classroom, does not have an appropriate device, or access to the internet, please contact their Head Teacher Teaching & Wellbeing for their year via email, as above, or via phone on 02 9605 3111.

For further information, please visit Department of Education learning from home resources

Sentral Parent Portal

The new Sentral Parent Portal is now live. Parents can receive

  • alerts from the school direct to their phone, 
  • access their child's timetable, 
  • advise the school of their child's absence from school, 
  • view the school calendar, 
  • view copies of their child's report (from December 2021)

The portal is accessed either via the web or via the Sentral Parent App through your mobile device App Store

Please contact the office on 9605 3111 for an access key.