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Student Protocols for Remote Learning

Student Protocols for Remote Learning @ MFHS

As we again transition to remote learning, students and staff of Macquarie Fields High School (MFHS) need to ensure that we maintain our positive learning culture, even if physical attendance at school premises is no longer recommended. 

Transitioning to remote learning means that we need to adjust to modified modes of delivery of lesson content. Transitioning to an online learning environment should not result in reduced student engagement with lesson content. In short, online learning means ‘different’ not ‘less’

If you do not have access to a device and internet connection, or are unable to complete your school work due to any issues, please contact your Year Advisor or the Head Teacher Teaching & Wellbeing (see point 4. below for contact details) for your year so that alternative arrangements can be made for you.

To ensure that we all maintain the school’s values of loyalty, sincerity and generosity throughout this period of change, students should ensure that they adhere to the following protocols for online learning: 

1. Students should structure their learning using their existing school timetable:

  • Students are expected to ‘check in’ to their Google Classroom during each timetabled lesson. Teachers will establish their own individual protocols for lesson check-ins, which will be communicated to students via the nominated Google Classroom. 
  •  Teachers will be logged into Google Classroom throughout the duration of timetabled lessons. Teachers will be recording attendance of students for each individual lesson. If there are variations to this, your teachers will communicate this to you. 
  • Students should ensure that they complete all work set by their teachers.  Students should use timetabled lessons as a time to communicate with their teachers to ask questions. 

2. Students should complete all classwork and assessment tasks for all subjects:

  • By following their regular Week A / Week B timetable, students can ensure that they are giving ample attention to all of their subjects.
  • The Department of Education (DoE) set out clear requirements regarding the number of hours students in each year group are required to spend engaging with specific subject areas and content. MFHS’ timetabling team works hard to ensure that students’ timetables reflect DoE mandated course hours. By following their regular timetable, whilst engaging in online learning, MFHS students can be confident that they are doing everything they can to comply with DoE requirements. 
  • At MFHS, we are lucky to have an experienced and dedicated staff who are committed to providing students with rich, subject-specific learning experiences. Students must ensure that they engage with all of their timetabled subjects whilst engaging with online learning, and complete all set tasks. 
  • Students who are enrolled in HSC subjects that require a major project, performance or submission should continue to work towards completion, wherever possible. Further advice will be provided to students as updates become available through NESA and the DoE. 

3. Students should engage respectfully and ethically online:

  • Online forums are an extension of the traditional classroom learning environment. Students have clear understandings of school rules and policies regarding appropriate and inappropriate conduct. These same rules apply within an online learning environment. This means that if a comment would not be appropriate within a traditional classroom setting, it is not appropriate within an online learning setting.
  • Staff at MFHS are aware that social interactions are an important element of daily life at school. Many students may seek to use online learning platforms to engage in social interactions. However, students must ensure that all comments posted within an online learning platform, and broader correspondence with MFHS staff, are ethical and appropriate. 
  • Students must also ensure that they respect teachers’ rights to an appropriate balance between their professional and personal lives. If a student has a question for their teacher, they are encouraged to ask that question online, via Google Classroom or email, within a timetabled lesson time. As technology continues to increase our ability to communicate with each other, we need to ensure that students understand that their teachers work specified hours and are only available to assist students within regular school hours of 9:15AM – 3:15PM. 

4. What happens if a student is unwell and cannot engage with their regular timetabled lessons?

  • Maintaining the health and wellbeing of students and staff at MFHS is a priority. 
  • If you become unwell, and are not able to ‘check in’ on Google Classroom during your regular timetabled lessons, or complete set tasks, a parent or carer should call the school and inform staff that you are unwell. 
  • Parents and carers can inform the school of absenteeism due to illness by calling the office staff on (02) 9605 3111. 
  • If a student is unable to complete online studies for a sustained period of time, or requires additional learning support, parents or carers should contact their Year Advisor or relevant Head Teacher Teaching & Wellbeing, via phone on (02) 9605 3111 or via email: 

Year Advisors 

Year 7 Advisor 

Ms Kate Moore

Year 8 Advisor 

Ms Betul Er 

Year 9 Advisor 

Mr Alex Colless

Year 10 Advisor 

Ms Samantha Bell 

Year 11 Advisor 

Ms Carol Fong 

Year 12 Advisor 

Ms Rhiannon Hall 

Head Teacher Teaching & Wellbeing 

Years 7 & 10 

Ms Imelda Judge

Years 8 & 11 

Ms Sangeeta Hegde 

Years 9 & 12 

Ms Melissa Collins

5. What happens if your teacher is unavailable and cannot engage with their regular timetabled lessons? 

Alternative arrangements will be made if your teacher is not available. You will be notified via your online learning platform if this occurs.  

6. What if I have a question about a task or subject? 

  • If you don’t understand a specific task, you should either: 
  • Use your online learning platform during a scheduled lesson; or 
  • Email your teacher to ask for clarification of the task. 

If a student or parent needs to contact a faculty Head Teacher, they should do so by email: 

Faculty Head Teachers

Creative & Performing Arts 

Ms Lisa McDermott 


Ms Julie Hall (Rel) 

History & Languages 

Mr Troy Neale 


Mr Geoff Plowes 

PD, Health & PE

Ms Nicole Boyles (Rel) 


Mr Bill Matchett 

Social Science 

Mr Perry Celestino 

Special Education 

Ms Philippa O’Sullivan (Rel) 


Mr Grant Byrne

Students who currently receive assistance from Mr Antony will continue to receive support online and are encouraged to contact him directly via email:

If you have a question that is relevant to school, but not necessarily relevant to a specific subject, email or call the Head Teacher Teaching & Wellbeing for your year (as per details outlined above), who will be able to help you to resolve your enquiry. 

3. We will all continue to live our school values 

We are proud of the learning culture of MFHS, which is based upon our school values of loyalty, sincerity and generosity. We are committed to continuing this culture as we navigate an ever-changing social and educational landscape. 

We are committed to prioritising the health and wellbeing of our students, and our staff are committed to providing our students with opportunities to continue to connect, succeed and thrive within an online learning environment. 

Karyn O’Brien, Principal

12 July 2021