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P&C Minutes 2019

February 2019


DATE: 18th February, 2019.

VENUE: School Office


ATTENDANCE: As per minutes book




TREASURER’S REPORT: Balance $38954.09. P&C Fees received for 2nd term 2018 $27671.90.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Welcome back and Welcome to all our new Parents and Carer’s. Looking forward to the new year ahead.  

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Jan - Thanks to Justin and the Senior Executive Team for looking after the school so well whilst I was Relieving Director. Professional Experience Hub initiative (PEx) – we have been selected for this program once again and Sangeeta and I will be meeting with representatives from The University of Sydney tomorrow and then also attending the conference in April. We have received additional funding and will be using some of the funds to establish several classrooms as “demonstration, “type” “rooms where the pre service and early career teachers can see outstanding teaching-in-action. I am also re-establishing the PEx team to support the work of Sangeeta and the University. Future Teachers – off and away for 2019! Invited to lecture at The University of Sydney on 13 March and then participate in the seminar that follows. They are presenting on, “This is what we think good teaching is.” Road trip also being planned for late March.

Cooler Classrooms – Imelda (HT Welfare) and Grant (HT Tech) are organising our submission for this resourcing. Fingers crossed!

Uniform tweaks – Public schools are obliged to offer shorts for girls as an option in summer. We already offer pants in winter. Discussions with SRC over design and seek support of P&C to move forward. Are there any other tweaks that the P&C would like to see while we are tweaking?

DP’S REPORT: Justin – I have been sharing the Co-Principal role with Jan relieving for 3 terms. I would like to thank the P&C, our 3 DPS and Jan for all their support. The outdoor shelter refurb is finished. I welcome any ideas for future projects. Swimming Carnival is this Friday 22nd February. I was great to see the house meetings were very positive and students were very enthusiastic. Thank you to Brendan Moore for his contribution of trees to the Environmental learning space. PILLAR Meetings this Thursday (Leadership, Leaning, Well Being).

Heather - DP Year 8 & 11. Evening 18th March – Poet Fest and Year 7 Interim Report will be distributed. Year 11 meeting, Foundation for Success (Study Habits). Setting routines, going through assessment booklets.

Louisa - DP Year 9 & 12 Year 9 Elective Choices - Settling into three electives and really enjoying their choices and appreciative of support in a broadening curriculum. Very patient and respectful in decision making and waiting for processes.

Valentine’s Day and Sausage sizzle for swimming carnival - Beautifully nostalgic day and very well organised by Luke Deakin and Rhonda Mitric. Day had a lovely sense of the year group working together and growing as a collective. Year group is developing some very inventive ideas for the school’s gift- legacy and to encourage senior students to look after their wellbeing.

Year 11 and 12 Elevate Study Skills - A tailored program for study skills is being run tomorrow. This has been developed and coordinated by Sarah Gibbs with the external agency. They have used student feedback to plan a program to be delivered for them.

Proposals - Head Teachers have been busy submitting proposals for upgrades/additions to learning spaces around the school. These will enhance student learning and provide innovative learning environments to support our pre service teachers in trialling evidence based practice. Teacher Professional Learning - The year has started with many opportunities that have sparked joy for lots of teachers- experts in their field getting in touch with latest developments and likeminded affiliates. Many of our Wellbeing programs are being supported through professional learning and other school based funds to develop the capacity of our Welfare team. We have also been able to utilise Beginning Teacher funding to support teachers new to Stage 6 – workshops, sample work exhibitions and in faculty mentoring have been very popular.

Veronica - DP Year 10 & 7 Year 7 Best Start numeracy and literacy assessment. Year 7 Camp May 29-31. Year 10 Snowy River Camp coming up. Year 10 launch of Seamless. Year 10 additional elective class. WH&S review for improvement of playground duty.

GENERAL BUSINESS: Uniform review panel to be set up with parents, teachers, students. P&C reps (Soudara and Patricia).

AGM 18th March, 2019.

Meeting Closed: 7:25 PM

Next Meeting: Monday March 18, 2019. 6:30PM AGM followed by general meeting.

March Annual General Meeting


2019 Annual General Meeting

DATE: 18 March, 2019

VENUE: School Common Room


ATTENDANCE: As per attendance book.


P&C Membership: As per listing Minutes from last meeting tabled and approved. Moved by Dan Seconded by Sokka.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Thank you to all the office bearer’s for all their work for the P&C and our Parent’s and Carer’s support of the school. The P&C helped to contributed to the outdoor shelters last year. P&C contributions assist school with purchasing equipment etc as required. Also P&C meetings are a great opportunity to find out about what goes on in the school, you can also be of assistance in participating in panels.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Thank you to Mr Doug Logan for doing the audit of the P&C Cheque Account again this year. 

Treasurer’s Report tabled and approved. Moved by Marianne Seconded by Dinakar. ANZ Bank Balance $11282.19 as at 12.01.2019.

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Thank you to the P&C for all their assistance and support. Thank you for the financial assistance supporting the school where possible. Thank you for your continued support over the last 9 years of my time here at MFHS.

Report held over to General Meeting.


President: nominated Dan Amos by Hitesh Chandra, seconded by Dinakar Prabhakar. Dan Amos elected as President.

Treasurer: nominated Hitesh Chandra by Dinakar Prabhakar, seconded by Sokka Ung. Hitesh Chandra elected as Treasurer.

Secretary: nominated Marianne Amos by Hitesh Chandra, seconded by Dinakar Prabhakar. Marianne Amos elected as Secretary.

1 st Vice President: nominated Dinakar Prabhakar by Marianne Amos, seconded by Dan Amos. Dinakar Prabhakar elected 1st Vice President.

2nd Vice President: nominated Sokka Ung by Dan Amos, seconded by Dinakar Prabhakar. Sokka Ung elected 2nd Vice President.

Meeting closed by Jan Dolstra at 6:50 PM.

March 2019

Parents and Citizens Meeting Minutes

DATE: 18th March, 2019.

VENUE: School Common Room


ATTENDANCE: As per attendance book


  • Uniform Review Panel - Jan is waiting on nominations of students and teacher reps. 
  • Cooler classrooms - The submission has been lodged. Waiting to hear back. 
  • Playground update after this week’s WHS meeting 
  • Best Start - More professional learning 

CORRESPONDENCE IN: P&C Magazine and ANZ Bank Statement


TREASURER’S REPORT: Balance as per AGM Treasurer’s report $11282.19 as at 12.01.2019 Cheque $27671.90 received for MFHS P&C Contributions 2018. Balance $38954.09.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Welcome to our new Parent’s and Carer’s. Again everything I mentioned in by report for the AGM. P&C meetings are a great opportunity to find out about what goes on in the school. P&C can also help out the school by assisting on panels and also by helping out by upgrading equipment etc as required.


  • Swimming Carnival – great level of participation and many records broken, some decades old! Thanks to Leah Buxton and her team of helpers for a successful carnival.
  • Luke Bozzetto was successful in the merit selection process – Music teacher, replacing Karen Metcalfe. Still waiting on outcome for a PDHPE position. Mr Buckley (Science) has retired. 
  • Professional Experience Hub – we have been successful in being recognised as a hub school for this program in partnership with The University of Sydney. We had a very productive meeting with the Head of Education and Social Work, Debra Hayes and we now have a team of teachers working in conjunction with the academics for the Master of Teaching students. This is a breakthrough and hopefully, more to come. 
  • Sangeeta Hegde and I will be travelling to Tamworth for the Professional Experience Hub Schools Conference on 3-5 April. 
  • USyd students – first year – visiting on 25 March. 
  • School Photos – 26 March 
  • Future Teachers – presented a lecture on What Makes a Great Teacher to these MTeach students last Wednesday – outstanding work by the team of presenters and our IT guy! 
  • Poetfest on this evening – another very successful initiative coordinated by English. 
  • Set for Success – Heather ran this initiative for Year 11 students and their parents this evening also – Mega Monday! 
  • I have had my part time leave approved for Terms 2 and 3. Justin Perrett will be Rel Principal 3 days per week and I will be here for 2. In Term 4, Justin will be relieving Principal and I will be on leave prior to retirement. My function will be 6 Dec – assembly at 11 am then a 70’s Disco Fever (student performances ) in the evening! Catered dinner and cake! 
  • New principal will be selected during Term 4 – our Director, Karen Endicott will manage this process and there will be P&C representation, ethnic affairs rep and Aboriginal rep (depending on numbers). 


  • Cumulative professional learning day last week. Thank you to Veronica -> Dept. policy “Every student being known and cared for”. 
  • School plan – Each student to have an individual education plan. 
  • Justin taking students from year 7 Food and Technology classes on tour of the “Patch”. An Environmental Club to be set up.
  • The school has employed a staff member to work on garden projects. 
  • Thank you to Peter Door assisting with a grant application from the Royal Botanic Gardens.


  • Year 11 Foundations for Success -> How to manage study. Very good evening, a great success. 


  • Year 7 Interim Reports were given out this evening. Poet Fest some excellent work by students. 
  • Year 10 Hub -> transition to work, Tafe. 
  • Year 7 & 10 setting goals for classes. 
  • History faculty presenting to Kings School. 
  • Some excellent swimming results. 
  • Special Ed supporting Central. 
  • WHS working on operation pigeon relocation. 
  • Additional lighting to be installed in the school car park. 
  • New outdoor chess set to be purchased. 


Meeting Closed: 7:30 PM

Next Meeting: Monday May 20, 2019. 6:30PM