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P&C May Minutes



20th May, 2019.


School Office


6:30 PM


As per attendance book




P&C Magazine and ANZ Bank Statements.




Balance $38954.09.


Nothing to report.



  • Ingleburn RSL & MFHS ANZAC Day Ceremonies -Thank you to Mr Neale, Ms Fong and Mrs Davidson and team. Thanks to Inara and Ben for the remembrance address.
  • Cumulative Professional Learning - NAIDOC Week (L.Trieu to report).
  • MFHS Athletics Carnival and Zone Athletics.
  • DEFINE Student Leadership Conference.
  • Police Band Visit.
  • NAPLAN Online Testing (Weeks 3 and 4).
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning- Stories for Success.
  • Yanco Trip.
  • Year 7 Camp.
  • Year Meetings Week.
  • Zone Athletics.
  • Parent Teacher Night Years 10,11,12 and Year 10 into Year 11 Information evening
  • Year 10 into Year 11 Elective Tasters Week.
  • Variety Night.
  • Environmental Club and Environmental Planning.
  • Environmental club meeting and projects.
  • Year 12 area and possible refurbishment ideas.
  • Congratulations to Jill Peruso for HT Auburn HS, Mellissa Collins HT Secondary Studies Moorebank HS.
  • Interviewing for Science Teacher position.
  • Uniform Policy.
  • Out of area applications- Parent and citizen rep needed for May 28.



  • Year 8 & 9 to be curriculum handbooks for subject selections.
  • July 30 Parent Teacher Night (Years 7, 8, 9) and Elective Expo (Year 8 into 9) Information Evening.
  • Thank you to the Police Band for their very enjoyable visit.
  • Vocal Ensemble performing at Inconcert 21st May, 2019.
  • Applications open for year Captain’s and Prefects 2020.
  • Operation Connect to open Portal to other year groups.


  • Year 7 have been making great process, very good transition into high school.
  • Setting goals for year 7 & 10.
  • Launch of Seamless Program, Love Bites Program (Year 10). 
  • Year 10 into Year 11 Elective Tasters Week. 
  • Lights for the car park are excellent. 
  • A number of students nominated for Rotary Awards. 
  • Best Start Year 7 Assessments.
  • WH&S enhancements for playground duty.


  • NAPLAN YEAR 9 - “…Students who experienced connectivity issues during the tests on Tuesday will be offered an opportunity to re-sit the test. Participation will be optional. Students who do not wish to retake tests will not be required to do so. The result of the second test is the result that will be recorded for those students for NAPLAN 2019.” Murat Dizdar- Deputy Secretary, School Operations and Performance. Process continues and students have been applying themselves, felt supported and overall enjoying aspects of the online experience.
  • YEAR GROUP ACTIVITY DAY - SRC - A proposal for a whole year group event is being developed through the SRC with the support of the Year 9 Year Advisor. The aim is to further strengthen the collective identity of the group and build connections (year group goal 2019).
  • YEAR 12 REPORTS - In the final stages of collation and will be sent home soon. Teachers are reporting students as being engaged and performing well. They are encouraging further contribution to class discussion to strengthen student understanding. Students are also being encouraged to complete past or sample papers to develop their skills under time conditions.
  • OUTDOOR SHELTER - Year 12 students gave up some of their free time to help decorate the renovated outdoor shelter. They cleaned, painted and hung up ferns and lanterns. We have a decorative blackboard underway and some students are developing a visual representation of MFHS unity. . . watch this space  Thanks to Justin for all of his treasures that will be used to continue bring vibrancy to the space. We also need a new name.
  • CPL NAIDOC WEEK - Faculties have begun planning for our school NAIDOC Week in Term 3. Each faculty will be developing an exciting activity across a year group- unleash the faculties. External providers and our connected Aboriginal partners have been eager to help and support our endeavours.
  • SCHOOL PLAN- PILLAR TEAMS - Super Six Reading Strategies - continue to work with faculties in developing Stage 4 resources.
  • Assessment Pillar - student profiling using Course Performance Descriptors for accurate grading across Stages 4 and 5. This process improves consistency of grading and clearer directions for students to develop.
  • Student Performance Pillar - surveying of students regarding impact of extra- curricular activities around the school.
  • Numeracy - continues support for Faculty Representatives and further supported with Best Start.
  • PROFESSIONAL LEARNING - Support provided to Beginning teachers from mentors within the faculty. This has included joint planning days, attendance to new Stage 6 syllabus conferences or professional learning.
  • Also implementation of crucial wellbeing programs to support student growth, leadership and student citizenship.
  • Support for teachers delivering and evaluating the new Stage 6 syllabus from a variety of KLAs.


Thank you to our P&C Representatives for the upcoming panels–

  • Sokka Ung Tuesday 28th May Out of Area Applications 2020. 
  • Dinakar Prabhakar Friday 31st May Selective Schools Applications 2020.

Meeting Closed: 7:55 PM

Next Meeting: Monday June 17, 2019. 6:30PM