Macquarie Fields High School

Loyalty, Sincerity, Generosity

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About our school

Macquarie Fields is the only high school in south western Sydney region to be named as a Centre for Excellence. The school is a large selective and comprehensive high school and proudly represents excellence in Public Education.

There are approximately 1050 students drawn from a broad geographical area within Sydney. Half these students form the comprehensive component of the school and half form the selective section. Selective entry is through the Selective Schools Unit of the Department of Education and Training. Close to 72% of the student population comprises students from a culturally and linguistically diverse background. 

The school has a history of outstanding academic achievement in all areas of the curriculum. Several students have scored 100%, ranking first in the state, in a number of subjects in the Higher School Certificate and the School Certificate. Results from recent national testing in both literacy and numeracy (NAPLAN) show over half our students have achieved results in the highest bands. As a result of consistent excellence in student learning and sustained high quality teaching practices, the school has been named as a Centre for Excellence. 

There is a large number of co-curricular activities which support learning and which foster and develop talent and giftedness in areas of specific interest. Students are highly successful at a state level in many of these activities and have developed a reputation for outstanding achievement. 

Every day, in every classroom and in the playground, there are extraordinary displays of students celebrating learning and striving to achieve the very best possible outcome in all endeavours. The school encourages students to strive for excellence - academically, physically, socially and emotionally and has built a learning environment which clearly values and celebrates excellence, commitment, dedication, initiative, creative thinking and participation. 

About the new logo

The current school crest was debuted in 2024.

The stripes

These represent 'streams'. Our school is located close to the George's River and local site, Simmos Beach; there is a network of creeks in the area and in fact Macquarie Creek passes through our school site (in the form of flood water).

At Macquarie Fields High School we have three education streams:

  • Special education stream
  • Mainstream (community stream)
  • Selective stream

In fact, students in each of these streams flow together in many ways:

  • In the playground
  • In the local area
  • Special education students join mainstream classes.
  • Mainstream and selective students join in elective classes.
  • Mainstream and selective students are in all classes together once they get to Years 11-12.

The logo has five streams of the river flow into the star, so the other two  streams represent:

  • a staff stream, and
  • a community stream, representing parents, carers, local community members and ex-students.

These five streams then flow into the star which represents:

  • moving forward
  • aspirations to reach our goals
  • educational excellence for all students

The star

All five streams of our school is represented in the 5-point star.

The Colour

We have retained maroon and the shield shape to acknowledge our school history and the old school crest.

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