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Debating and Public Speaking


Nathanjah Costillas, Quota International Ingleburn Competition, winner.
Debating is a gifted and talented initiative that is offered to all students in our school. Students are given the opportunity to audition for a team at the start of every year.

All teams are entered into the The Premier's Debating Challenge. Coaching is provided on a regular basis to help support student achievement in this competition. Students are encouraged to keep up to date with current affairs programs in their own time.


Every year the Deputy Principal's Annual Morning Tea is run in March to celebrate the student success from the previous year and congratulate all those who have been recently successful at audition. 

Every year our students have been successful at zone and regional levels.

Public Speaking opportunities are also offered to our students. Students are entered into a number of competitions across Sydney; Rostrum, Legacy and Plain English Speaking, and Quota International. These competitions all demand different oratory skills which broaden students' experiences.

Some of our recent successes include: Natalie Khambouris from last years' Year12 was successful at the zone and regional level of the Lions Youth competition.  Rona Zare- Saisan was successful at the Rotary Competition. 

Nethanjah Costillas was also successful at the zone level of Rotary and was a strong participant in the Regional Junior Legacy Public Speaking competition. She also won the Quota International Public Speaking Competition at the Ingleburn level.

We have also had students attend the UN Youth Camp where they gained significant insight into UN initiatives and the role they could play as young individuals.

 As a school we have continued to recognise the significant skills that can be learnt  by participating in these extra-curricular public speaking activities.  

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