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Courses offered

Stages 4/5

Science is a core subject for all students in Years 7-10. It is studied for six periods a cycle with a focus in developing scientific skills.

Stage 6

The Science Faculty offers all the NESA approved science courses

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Investigating Science
  • Physics
  • Science Extension (1 unit Year 12 only).


Students reflect on their experience participating in the High Performance Pathway for accelerating students in Stage 5 Science at Macquarie Fields High School. These Year 11 students are going to be sitting the 2021 HSC Investigating Science exam.


During Term 4, Year 8  students participate in the Validation of Assessment 4 Learning and Individual Development (VALID) program, which is an interactive multimedia assessment that assists students to see the relevance of science and to make meaning of scientific knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes.

The Patch

The Patch is an area where students develop their skills in working agriculturally as well as social skills and team-work.

ICAS Science Competition

All students in Years 7 to 10 are encouraged to compete in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS). This examination will provide information on the progress of our students in comparison to others around Australia.

Senior students are also welcome to participate in ICAS. ICAS is held during Term 2.

Chemistry Quiz

The Australian National Chemistry Quiz (ANCQ) is open to all students and provides them with a stimulating and enjoyable experience which encourages future engagement development in Chemistry.

The ANCQ is an hour long and is held during Term 2.


Mr Matchett – Head Teacher

Mrs Ahmad

Mr Ali

Dr Bugeja

Mr Connor

Ms Gee

Ms John

Dr Khan

Mrs Mishra

Mrs Mitric

Mrs Raheja

Mr Tang

Ms White

Titration Competition

The NSW Schools Titration Competition is a quantitative analytical competition open to NSW students currently enrolled in Senior Chemistry studying towards the Higher School Certificate.

Students compete in teams of three and, in ninety minutes, must complete a set of acid-base titrations to determine the unknown concentration of a weak acid.

The team's score will depend on the accuracy of the work of its members. The best score wins trophies for the team. They may then be invited to participate in the National Competition later in the year.

The NSW Schools Titration Competition is held in Term 2.

Aurecon Bridge Building Competition

Bringing engineering to schools, Aurecon runs an annual school bridge building competition involving year 8 and 9 students to raise awareness of the engineering profession among students. Our past participants have loved the challenge of constructing something themselves, finding out information on their own and learning the meaning behind compressive and tensile forces. Every year MFHS enters the bridge building competition, we continue to improve our bridge holding weight and our understanding of science and engineering.

The Aurecon Bridge Building Competition is held during Term 3.