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Professional Experience (PEx) Initiative

What is PEx?

An agreement in response to the Great Teaching Inspired Learning initiative, was established on 16th October, 2015 between the Department of Education, on behalf of the public schools, and 17 NSW universities/initial teacher education providers to work together to share knowledge and expertise to better prepare the next generation of teachers. Macquarie Fields High School was successful through the Expression of Interest selection process to be identified as one of the PEx hub schools since 2016. In 2021-24 cycle Macquarie Fields High School is identified as Maths and Science specialist hub. It has been partnered with the University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney as a hub school to demonstrate, develop and share high quality professional experience for pre-service teachers.

What are the PEx initiatives?

  • Working in partnership with both universities to provide quality professional experience placements to pre-service teachers.
  • Continue to improve the high quality mentoring and supervision through additional support to supervising teachers through professional learning such as mentor training offered by the University of Sydney, mentoring facilitator training offered by Department of Education or the AITSL mentoring module
  • Assign staff members who have the detailed knowledge of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at Graduate level and expertise in mentoring, coaching and providing feedback to enrich the professional experience placement.
  • Working in collaboration with network of schools and satellite hub schools to improve the quality of placements.
  • Grow quality future teachers through Future Teacher Club initiatives.
  • Supporting other schools across the state to establish Future Teachers Club.

What are the PEx achievements?

  • Strengthened partnership between the University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney and Macquarie Fields High School in developing a mutual understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • Improved quality of placements for Pre-service teachers
  • Increased intake of Pre-service teachers
  • Establishment of network of schools comprising of 8 secondary schools providing additional support and collaboration.
  • Establishment of satellite hub schools comprising of 3 other high schools
  • Development of PEx team at Macquarie Fields High School to improve the quality of placements by working collaboratively to improve the quality of placement across the network of schools.
  • Updated teaching and learning resources such as SWIVLs, Laptops and formative assessment kits.
  • Opportunities for the Future Teachers Club students and Macquarie Fields High School teachers to deliver lectures and tutorials at university strengthening the reciprocal partnership.
  • Participation in the research with 5 different Universities from New South Wales