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HSIE & Languages Faculty


Courses offered

We offer courses in the following areas:

Human Society and it's environment

Mandatory History Years 7-10

Geography Years 7-10


Japanese, German and French

Elective Courses Years 9-10

Elective History

Elective Languages

Japanese and French

International Studies



Stage 6 Subjects

Aboriginal Studies

Ancient History

Modern History

Legal Studies

History Extension in Year 12 only.

Japanese Beginners and Continuers

1 Unit Studies of Religion in Year 11 and Year 12.

Business Studies

Society and Culture




We also offer the following co-curricular activities :

  • Medieval Day
  • European Study Tour
  • Japan Study Tour
  • Australian War Memorial Excursion
  • Year 10 HSIE Snowy Camp
  • Auburn Japanese Botanical Garden Cherry Blossom Festival
  • ANZAC Day Service
  • Kirby Cup- Western Sydney University
  • Mock Trial (NSW Legal Studies Association)
  • Japanese Speaking Competition - (Japan Foundation)
  • Kashiwa International Relationship Association
  • Nan Tien Temple (Studies of Religion)
  • Sydney University Nicholson Museum excursion
  • Sydney Jewish Museum

Faculty Mission Statement

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”  Sydney J Harris

The HSIE and Languages faculty is dedicated to teaching young leaners how human societies change over time and explore the rich languages and cultures of the past and present. The courses we offer strive to place the present into context, to cultivate students' intellectual curiosity, and to raise aspirations. The faculty takes seriously its responsibility to teach critical thinking and communication skills at the same time as imparting knowledge necessary for students' development.

Ample opportunity exist for students to achieve their potential through a variety of extension and enrichment activities which have been incorporated into all teaching programs. Our faculty also has a strong focus on development of our students’ literacy, research and critical thinking skills.


Mr T. Neale (Head Teacher) Lead Teacher

Mr Celestino (Head Teacher Future Teachers)

Ms.S Bell Head Teacher Learning and Wellbeing

Ms M Collins Head Teacher Learning and Wellbeing 

Ms C Fong 

Mrs S Gibbs 

Mr A Kermali (Languages)

Mrs S Vrountzos (Languages)

Mr A Baker

Mrs M Barnes

Mrs E Strong

Mr J Folau

Mr J Morel

Ms S Obeid

Mrs C Schulte

Ms H Mitchell