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2023 Swimming Carnival

Female student swimming towards the camera

The 2023 Swimming Carnival is on Thursday 16 February 2023 - Macquarie Fields Leisure Centre.

Cost is $15.00 per child which covers all three school carnvials, and must be paid to the office PRIOR to the swimming carnival. Online payments are accepted. Payments cannot be accepted on the day.

There is a spectator fee of $3.10 for parents and carers wishing to attend and watch their child/ren compete. Parents and carers are required to stay behind the fence in the grassed area between the splash pad and the carnival pool.


The TWO permission notes need to be returned to the school FRONT OFFICE.

Students will need to be at the venue by 8.45am for roll call at 9.05am and will be dismissed at 3.00pm.

It will be the parent’s responsibility to make travel arrangements for their child to and from the swimming carnival venue. School buses will drop students at school as per normal, and teachers will walk with students arriving at the school to and from the venue.

These carnival days form part of the school sports program and as such students are required to attend and participate. A team will be selected to represent the school at the Hume Zone Carnival.

Students may purchase their lunch at the respective venues and in hot weather students should have plenty of fluid to prevent dehydration.

Students are required to bring their asthma puffer and/or EpiPen if they are required to carry either or both. It is also recommended that students wear a hat and apply sunscreen several times throughout the day.

Students are required to wear sports uniform or house colours. As bookings are very scarce a cancellation will be unlikely and students should be prepared with warm clothes and wet weather gear.

The swimming excursion involves water activities. There is an additional permission note for this and it will need to be completed and returned to the front office.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Buxton, or Ms Boyles on 9605 3111.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Please advise school as soon as possible if your child’s medical condition changes or your contact details change prior to any of the above carnivals.