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School Service

Students at Macquarie Fields High School have the opportunity to participate in a large number of co-curricular activities to promote and develop social responsibility, ethics, respect, teamwork and understanding of the needs of others. These activities allow students to maintain a healthy balance between school and the home as well as equipping them for post school life.


A large majority of students at the school regularly participates in various charity initiatives and fundraising events with the major event being the World Vision 40 Hour Famine. Other charities supported include the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Jeans for Genes, Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Appeal, Movember and The Greatest Shave. Such experiences not only support those in need but promote values of responsibility, respect, social awareness and integrity in the students.


Macquarie Fields HS Volunteering Challenge Awards


The Macquarie Fields HS Volunteering Challenge Awards (MFHSVC) is a program which encourages students in all years to explore the personal and community benefits of volunteering, and recognises student achievement through a series of levels.

Certificate Level Hours Volunteering
Bronze Level 20
Silver Level 40
Gold Level 60
Silver Level 80
Black Opal Level 150+


The program commences at the start of Year 9 with a whole year training session and concludes at the end of Year 10. Students are encouraged to record their service to the community via the use of log books and the online database. For more information about the Macquarie Fields HS Volunteering Challenge, please contact the school co-ordinator Miss Hannaford.