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February Minutes


21st Feb 2022. 




6:30   PM


via zoom [84 joined (incl. 9 financial members)]

As recorded in MFHS P&C Attendance List 21st Feb 2022- Not for circulation.


Marianne A, Peter G and Patricia G






  • Email received for expression of interest for Out of area, Selective, PHPE selection (Merit) panel
  • Four new membership ($10 to be added to balance) application received.
    • Mails received
    • Harlequin School bag,
    • NSW Government successful Building grant
    • Felton industries, commercial furniture (bench)
    • 5x ANZ statement
    • 2x P&C magazine


Four new membership ($10 to be added to balance) application received.

Will deposit in one go as membership may still flow in.

Receipt will be issued and entered members list for 2021.

Balance   Credit Debit

Total Balance


$78910.03 P&C Membership $10 -  

P&C Parent Contribution


$14100.50 -  




Karyn O'Brien


School Captains 2022:

  • Evelyn Ha
  • Shantanu Patil

Vice Captains 2022:

  • Anet Vallikkatill
  • James Eccleston

Therapy Dog DJ (Daisy Jane), member of our Wellbeing Team

  • Please inform the school if your child has issues being around dogs

Term 1 2022

  • Week 6 – Year Meeting Week
  • Swimming Carnival – Wednesday 2 March
  • International Women’s Day – Tuesday 8 March
  • Year 7 Vaccinations – Tuesday 15 March          
  • 2021 Presentation Day – Friday 18 March
  • Harmony Day – Monday 21 March
  • School Photo Day – Tuesday 29 March
  • IFTAR Dinner (Ramadan) – Thursday 7 April
  • Athletics Carnival – Friday 8 April

Sub-Committee Reports

MFHS Finance committee

Meeting held 14th Feb 2022

Better idea of budget allocation for the year will be known at the next meeting


Out of area, selective, PHPE selection (Merit) panel



21 Feb 2022:

Selection (merit) panel for PDHPE Head teacher -Anna G

Out of Area panel representative -Hitesh C

Selective Testing panel meeting representative- postpone until term 3.

Community building grant:



Shade Sail Community Building Partnership 2021 application; outcome expected to be announced later this year community-building-partnership 2021

18 Oct 2021: No update

15 Nov 2021: News is expected soon

21 Feb 2022:

  • Successful. AMU form/quote has been received. Grant application to be finalise.
  • MFHS started marking out area. Quote for concreting needed. Additional work will need to be reported to community building grant
  • MFHS to invoice P&C for $32 960.40

Membership EFT facility:



18 Oct 2021: Propose P&C Membership form to include EFT facility.

Membership form to be included in student enrolment information pack

14 Nov 2021: EFT facility was successfully tested by treasurer

EFT option added to Membership form for 2022

21 Feb 2022:

  • update school website with 2022 membership form
  • P&C to forward 2022 membership form to J.Booker




Lockers for children are not currently available. The discussion took place on availability of suitable space to hold lockers, WH&S aspects and management of the asset (e.g. loss of keys, replacement, and repair). Justin to table this issue at the school’s WH&S committee on 29 July 21 and advise P&C whether there is a space available to put the lockers.

16 Aug 2021: WHS committee will look at possible location for lockers within MFHS at next WHS meeting

18 Oct 2021: MFHS has identified area for lockers including some outdoor areas. J.Booker and Worthington are in the process of sourcing lockers. SS to forward locker manufacturer.

15 Nov 2021: J.Booker to proceed with tender process

21 Feb 2022:

  • quote received
    • Heavy Duty 3 Door Bank 104 Banks (312 lockers) =$62,731.34
    • Grey 4 Door 130 Banks (520 lockers) =$49,855.40
  • MFHS to carried out survey to gauge interest and uptake of locker
  • High cost, option for contribution of yearly fee should lockers installation proceed.
  • Fee amount to be calculated.

Gate @ Wattle St:



Opening the school gate on the Wattle Avenue: School’s Business Manager has approached the council and awaiting a response

16 Aug 2021: MFHS staff to meet with council rep delayed due to Covid lockdown

18 Oct 2021: MFHS inspected gate at Wattle Street. Some safety issue due to no paths provide on the council reserve. Suggest possible P&C follow up.

15 Nov 2021: Request parent for support in drafting letter to council. MFHS is happy to support this move.

School to improve path on the school side of the gate if council path is possible.

21 Feb 2022:

  • Council was contacted. Council have indicated that Wattle St path in the reserve is on their radar and is on their budget agenda held in March 2022.
  • Council gave it a rating of 15/17, 17 being the highest i.e. high traffic path
  • The process for a 15 rating can take approximately a year




With regards to zip feature that was not previously incorporated in the uniform, Heather advised that no further update has been received from Lowes. It was noted that as the uniforms are generally coming from overseas, it could take some time for any new requirement to be incorporated.

16 Aug 2021: Lowes confirmed next delivery of shorts will have zippers on the pocket

18 Oct 2021: No update

15 Nov 2021: No update, current, instore stock does not have zipper pocket. Old stock to be depleted.

21 Feb 2022:

  • Low stock, only maroon items -jacket, jumpers and large sizes in stock
  • Question asked regarding local manufacturer and duration of Lowes contract.
  • MFHS (JBooker) to advise regarding Lowes contract 

AGM 21st MARCH 2022

a)    Nominations open for Office Bear positions

  • President
  • Vice president X2
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

b)    If nominated, acceptance of the position can be advised prior to AGM should you not be able to attend. Please advise in writing.

c)    Email:

All members who’ve paid prior to close of 21st Feb meeting are eligible to vote at AGM.

  • 2021 membership expires at the close of the AGM.
  • Membership payment for 2022 is now accepted.
  • Once paid, you are recognized as a financial member after the close of the AGM or general meeting i.e after the register of members is updated.


Parent questions:

  • Covid
    • constantly changing and will need to follow updated advice
  • P&C membership,
    • has not received membership confirmation, P&C to follow up
    • More information regarding P&Cs, P&C position, roles and prescribe constitution can be found as FAQs on the P&C federation website.
  • Girl’s shorts,
    • girls can wear shorts. Shorts are part of the school uniform range for girls

Meeting Closed:


Next Meeting:

AGM and General Meeting, Monday 21 March 2022 at 6:30pm