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P&C Meeting Minutes March AGM & General Meeting

2022 Annual General Meeting


21st March 2022


MFHS Hall & Zoom


6.34 PM


28 Total (10 in person including Auditor + 18 Zoom participants) 15 paid members.

Attendance list not for circulation




Opened by Karen O’Brien

P&C Membership:

As per listing Minutes from last meeting tabled and approved. Moved by Anna. Seconded by Hitesh.




  • Nil as Dan Amos (previous President) stood down last meeting
  • Thanks given to previous Office Bearers 


Presented by Hitesh

  • Audit conducted by Abu Kibria for the period of 12th Jan 2021 to 12th Jan 2022 
  • ANZ Bank Balance $ 92,885.54 as at 12th Jan 2022



Nominations: Anna Grocholsky

Nominated by Anna G, Seconded by Soudara S

Elected President Anna Grocholsky


Nominations: Hitesh Chandra

Nominated by Hitesh C, Seconded by Soudara S

Elected Treasurer Hitesh Chandra


Nominations: Soudara Siriphokha

Nominated by Soudara S, Seconded by Anna G

Elected Secretary Soudara Siriphokha

1st Vice President 

Nominations: Aminah Najjarine

Nominated by Aminah N, Seconded by Soudara S

Elected 1st Vice President Aminah Najjarine

2nd Vice President

No nominations received

Elected 2nd Vice President: VACANT

Meeting closed by Karyn O’Brien at 6.50 PM.



21st March 2022


MFHS Hall & Zoom


6:51 PM


28 Total (10 in person including Auditor + 18 Zoom participants) 15 paid members As recorded in MFHS P&C Attendance List 21st Mar 2022- Not for circulation








  • School Newsletter- Karyn O’Brien to get some feedback on the newsletter. 
  • Grant potential Planting Trees for The Queen's Jubilee Current Grant Opportunity View - GO5378: GrantConnect ( Principal would call it the Jubilee Orchard if we do get the grant. Need to be invited by our local member, Anoulack Chanthivong. School supports the idea. Anna to contact Anoulack. A sub-committee will be needed should it go ahead. 


Four new membership ($10 to be added to balance) applications received. Will deposit in one go as membership may still flow in. Receipt will be issued and entered members list for 2022.

Balance   Credit Debit Total Balance 21/03//2022
$92,895.54 P&C membership  $14 -  


  • First all School Assembly was held on the 9th March since term 2 2021. 
  • Swimming Carnival was rained out so held with competitors only. 
  • International Woman’s Day / #breakthebias 
  • Local Hero – Local Hero Bradley Weeding help an elderly man 
  • Prefect Brighter Day Ahead – fundraiser for flood victims – raised $780 
  • Presentation Day – Classes of 2021. 230 student awards for academics & sport handed out 
  • Principal Community Award – Daniel Amos for his service to P&C 
  • Harmony Week “Everyone Belongs” – Very successful Special Assembly 
  • COVID – Worried about the increase in Covid cases. If your child has any symptoms they should stay home unless they have a Dr’s certificate indicating that they only have allergies. 
  • Upcoming Events 
    • School Photo Day #1 (Portraits) – Tuesday 22nd March 
    • School Photo Day #2 (Group Photos) – Tuesday 29th March 
    • IFTAR Dinner (Ramadan) – Thursday 7th April 
    • Athletics Carnival – Friday 8th April 
    • Year 8 Camp – Wednesday 27-29th April (Students observing Ramadan will be catered for)
    • Anzac Day Ceremony – Friday 29th April 
  • Keep up to date with Social Media – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


MFHS Finance committee

Meeting postponed


As per AGM minutes when issued, Office Bearers are to be updated/registered with:

  • Banking institute 
  • The NSW P&C Federation 
  • ACNC application • Insurance provider 

Action: Office Bearers

Now that we have new people, we need to go to bank & contact relevant institutions and partners to update details. Charity registration in process, to be actioned by Secretary


Community Building grant: Open

Action: P&C

Shade Sail Community Building Partnership 2021 application; outcome expected to be announced later this year community-building-partnership 2021

18 Oct 2021: No update

15 Nov 2021: News is expected soon

21 Feb 2022:

  • Successful. AMU form/quote has been received. Grant application to be finalised. 
  • MFHS started marking out area. Quote for concreting needed. Additional work will need to be reported to community building grant. 
  • MFHS to invoice P&C for $32,960.40 

21 Mar 2022: MFHS have requested early release of Shade sail fund due to delay of fund release from Building Grant. Soudara sent Jasmine all the details on being a business partner. Jasmine has indicated that it is not urgent and they are happy to wait. As of today, Community Building Partnership (Sabrina) P&C that the AMU Form (1.3) is incomplete and needs the AMU Directors Signature to finalise the review. All in agreement to hold off until paperwork is approved and grant is officially done. Soudara has sent form to Principal for the Director to sign. It’s the last thing needed to complete the Grant Review.

Membership EFT facility: Closed 21/3

Action P&C

18 Oct 2021: Propose P&C Membership form to include EFT facility. Membership form to be included in student enrolment information pack.

14 Nov 2021: EFT facility was successfully tested by treasurer EFT option added to Membership form for 2022.

21 Feb 2022: • Update school website with 2022 Membership form. • P&C to forward 2022 Membership form to J.Booker

21 Mar 2022: Now on the membership form. This issue is now closed.

ACNC registration: Open

Action P&C

18 Oct 2021: Voted ‘yes’ to become a charity

16 Nov 2021: Pending information to complete form

21 Mar 2022: Just been sent back, but is going to start from scratch as need to update details. Anna offered to help Soudara if needed

Lockers: Open

Action: MFHS

Lockers for children are not currently available. The discussion took place on availability of suitable space to hold lockers, WH&S aspects and management of the asses (e.g., loss of keys, replacement and repair). Justin to table this issue at the school’s WH&S committee on 29 July 21 and advise P&C whether there is a space available to put the lockers.

16 Aug 2021: WH&S committee will look at possible location for lockers within MFHS at next WH&S meeting.

18 Oct 2021: MFHS has identified area for lockers including some outdoor areas. J.Booker and Worthington are in the process of sourcing lockers. SS to forward locker manufacturer.

15th Nov 2021: J.Booker to proceed with tender process.

21 Feb 2022:

  • Quote received 
    • Heavy Duty 3 Door 104 Banks (312 lockers) =$62,731.34 
    • Grey 4 Door 130 Banks (520 lockers) =$49,855.40 
  • MFHS to carry out survey to gauge interest and uptake of locker. 
  • High cost, option for contribution of yearly fee should lockers installation proceed. 
  • Fee amount to be calculated. 
  • 21 Mar 2022: Principal can do survey to parents about Newsletter & Locker via Google Forms. Will try and organise tomorrow 22/3 

Gate @ Wattle St: Open

Action: MFHS

Opening the school gate on the Wattle Avenue: School’s Business Manager has approached the council and awaiting a response.

16 Aug 2021: MFHS staff to meet with council rep delayed due to Covid lockdown.

18 Oct 2021: MFHS inspected gate at Wattle Street. Some safety issue due to no paths provided on the council reserve. Suggest possible P&C follow up.

15 Nov 2021: Request parent for support in drafting letter to council. MFHS is happy to support this move. School to improve path on the school side of the gate if council path is possible.

21 Feb 2022:

  • Council was contacted. Council have indicated that Wattle St path in the reserve is on their radar and is on their budget agenda held in March 2022. 
  • Council gave it a rating of 15/17, 17 being the highest i.e. high traffic path. 
  • The process for a 15 rating can take approximately a year. 

21 March 2022: Soudara contacted Leanne, but she is awaiting Money allocation for path projects. Soudara will keep following up.

Lowes: Open

Action: HC

With regards to zip feature that was not previously incorporated in the uniform, Heather advised that no further update has been received from Lowes. It was noted that as the uniforms are generally coming from overseas, it could take some time for any new requirement to be incorporated.

16 Aug 2021: Lowes confirmed next delivery of shorts will have zippers on the pocket.

18 Oct 2021: No update.

15 Nov 2021: No update, current, instore stock does not have zipper pocket. Old stock to be depleted.

21 Feb 2022:

  • Low stock, only maroon items -jacket, jumpers and large sizes in stock. 
  • Question asked regarding local manufacturer and duration of Lowes contract.
  • MFHS (JBooker) to advise regarding Lowes contract. 

21 Mar 2022: Heather said no real update. Anecdotally, girls appear to be wearing more shorts. Soudara asked if she knows when the tender will finish. She thinks August. To be confirmed. Soudara will follow up with Jasmine on tender date. We had an enquiry about stock, etc

Insurance: Open

Action P&C

  • 25 Feb 2022 statement reminder from Andrew Insurance. An Invoice of $277 to cover P&C Personal Accident Voluntary Workers cover ($154) and P&C Directors & Officers Liability ($123). 
  • Andrews Insurance were phoned. They confirmed our 2021 application form nominated P&C Personal Accident Voluntary Workers cover and P&C Directors & Officers Liability levels of cover as well as the minimum basic cover. The $575 paid was only for the basic cover. $277 is outstanding as per the submitted form. 

21 Mar 2022: Agreed to leave it as Basic cover until July renewal. Pros and Cons to be established regarding extra cover before renewal and based on requirements (eg. If we become a Charity)

Electronic Banking: Open

Action P&C

  • Should we consider doing electronic banking instead of just a Cheque account? 

21 Mar 2022: Hitesh to explore the potential of an Electronic Funds account and bring Pros and Cons to next meeting. 


  • Heather requested permission from P&C to reach out to a parent to be part of the selection panel for Head Teacher of Special Education. P&C is in agreement. 
  • Vacant Office Bearer position was filled by Irena (2nd Vice President), nominated self, seconded by Soudara. 
  • Membership Reminder. Forms available online. Annual Membership $2. Karyn O’Brien to resend Form. 
  • Parent questions: 
    •  How do you order online for Canteen? Principal to investigate how it works and come back to us 
  • Chess Club is coming back. Competition will start next term. Chess has returned to the library daily with our large set and our multiple standard sets. Sets available at recess and lunch. 
  • Possible Certificate of Appreciation for Mr Fernando Pinget for work with the chess students 




Monday 16th May 2022 @ 6.30PM


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