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P&C Minutes August 2020



17th August, 2020. 


On live via Zoom


6.30 PM


As recorded in the minutes book (not for circulation).


As above




TBD (to be collected from school office)




Balance $ 66,311.75


Last week’s Taster Course for Year 10 students was beneficial.



  • Livestream from the Department which focused on the next stage of school planning.
  • All teaching staff had to complete a 5 hour online course relating to the High Potential and Gifted Education Policy. This policy is due for implementation in 2021.

Semester Awards

  • Our normal Semester Awards Ceremony were modified and I presented the certificates to over 250 students in the first week of school.
  • Reporting Update
  • Year 10 have been signed and should be distributed this week.
  • Year 9 have had final checks and should be signed and distributed.
  • Year 7 and Year 8 are due for checking at the end of the week.

Transformation of the Senior Area

  • Working bee with our senior leaders in holidays.
  • Tress planted, tables painted, new garden, student mural and a mural was put into the area on Friday.

Planned Painting Schedule

  • In the last two weeks there has been painting around the school. Areas have included TAS, Science, CAPA, rooms and hall

Trial Examinations

  • These were completed week 4 Friday

Taster Week and Subject Selections

Tell Them from Me Surveys

  • All students will be surveyed this week and this data is important in our situational analysis that will be conducted as part of our next school plan.

Check in Assessment: Year 9 Students


  • This is due to be published by the end of the week.
  • Featured faculties are: Mathematics, TAS, PDHPE
  • A new feature of our newsletter has Year Reports for Years 7-12.
  • There will also be updates provided that come from the Department of Education
  • Advice for families’ page is currently being updated and this will be included in newsletter.

Term 3 Events update

Annual Celebration Day:

  • This will not be held this term. SRC have proposed an alternative program using classes that we could do at school with no visitors.


Heather -

  • Year 12 Trials - students were engaged and extremely well behaved.
  • Year 12 Parent/Teacher phone interviews scheduled for Week 8.
  • Year 9 - Check In Assessments in Literacy and Numeracy online testing scheduled for Week 5.

Luisa -

  • School has been following Positive Behavior Learning framework for several years.
  • Data from Year 8 indicates 66% reduction in detention rate and 70% reduction in negative reporting
  • Similarly, here has been a reduction of 52% in detention rate among Year 11 students.
  • Mutual Data Analysis is being used.

Veronica -

  • I have been meetings with Head Teachers – Faculty Supervision – PDHPE, Special Education, History and Administration. Faculty Philosophy; Year 12 data analysis and strategies to improve student outcomes
  • Thanks Mel Collins for working with me on complex matters in 2IC DP role
  • PBL: Thanks to Nicole and Leah for the ‘Habits of the Heart’ PBL. Leah has asked me to remind staff that there are links to online resources that staff have the option of accessing to enhance presentations.
  • Year 8 We took the opportunity to review some of the data for students in Years 8. Significant improvement – reduction in negative referrals
  • Year 11 Significant reduction in behaviour referrals. I would like to thank Rhiannon, Mel Collins and Mel Purdon for their tireless work with this cohort. Two students enrolled in TAFE. A letter has been organised for students leaving the school to recognise contributions to the school.
  • WH&S Seating updated; netball courts; Bollards; Bike rack installed. Currently updating first Aid Plan, organising an emergency evacuation trial.
  • ICAS testing has been organised again for students this year.


  • P&C Membership & Insurance Renewal for FY 2020-2021 of $575 to be paid.
  • Dan noted that it’s encouraging to see up to 43 parents/ citizens attended this P& C meeting.
  • Justin noted that year 12 parent-teacher meeting will be held on-line.
  • Dakshin raised concern about some parents not following road rules near the school- Justin will remind parents of the need to follow road rules in the next newsletter.
  • Anna thanks Melissa and S Hedge for their work with Year 7 and 8 students.
  • Anna requested whether a list of projects that can be considered by P& C could be made available.
  • Justin noted that some of the priority projects includes:
    • Commercial kitchen for Food Technology – budget $105K;
    • Surfacing the area in front of library either by asphalt or concrete; and
    • Mobile Computer Lab- budget $30K.
  • Head Teacher Science/Agriculture, Bill Matchett talked about the benefits of having a Mobile Computer Lab.

Meeting Closed: 

7.30 PM

Next Meeting: 

Monday September 21, 2020. 6:30PM