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P&C Minutes September 2020



September 21, 2020. 


On live via Zoom


6.30 PM


As recorded in ‘MFHS P&C Attendance List 21 September 20’- Not for circulation.


As above.




TBD (to be collected from school office)




Balance $ 65,951.39


Welcomed everyone for the P and C Meeting team during these interesting times.



Year 12 Graduation Ceremony

  • Heather to provide details
  • Graduation garden has been transformed.
Annual Celebration Day:
  • This will not be held this term. SRC have proposed an alternative program using classes that we could do at school with no visitors. Friday Fun Day is a modified alternative. Mufti Day and cultural foods sold. Staff and students to have some educational fun in classes.
  • No external visitors, no food stalls, no rides and ceremonies.

School Plan: Situational Analysis

  • Senior Executive have completed a draft situational analysis. We were recently involved in a meeting with the St Andrews Network.
  • Feedback from our parents and community in Term 4.
  • What are the some of the focus areas that parents/citizens would like to see in our analysis?
  • Feedback from our staff and community in Term 4.
  • Feedback from our students and community in Term 4.
  • Couple of suggestions were provided by parents during the meeting:
    • Homework club as being done in number of other schools.
    • Air-conditioning.

Term 4 Update

  • We are in the process of working on our HSC Action Plan. This will involve a plan for our examinations at school. We also need to have an alternative plan if the need arises.
  • Timetabling meetings with head teachers and we have elective lines for our Year 9 2021 students and Year 11 2021 students.

Position updates:

  • Year 7 adviser 2021 will be announced this week.
  • Relieving Head Teacher CAPA: Expression of Interest for Karen Metcalfe who is taking leave in Term 4.

Student voice:

SRC proposals:

  • Continuing to improve the physical spaces of the school
  • Item agenda at WHS: At our Work Health and Safety meeting

Captain Elections:

  • These will be filmed at the start of next term. We have recently completed the interviews.

Budget Proposals

  • Draft template has been designed and will be shared with P and C as part of my report.
  • Draft is at Annex A.


Heather -

  • Year 12 graduation which was held last Thursday.
  • Year 12 conducted reviews of their Individual Education Plans and they had the usual Munky Cup soccer competition was held.

Luisa -

Year 10

  • Subject Selection and the development of the curriculum pattern developing well for the 2021 pattern. Some irregularities with some students so we are meeting with them and developing the best plan possible.
  • Selective students who have completed preliminary Investigating Science course finished their preliminary examination and conducted themselves very well. Exciting to see what they have learnt and developed as their depth studies. These will be on display in the library tomorrow to show other students across the year groups and encourage continual improvement. Extremely proud of their efforts.

Year 7

  • Progressing well with the submission of some larger assignments. Really enjoying the opportunities in their practical subjects and the sporting endeavours. It has been a complex start to high school for them but they are enjoying what they can within the current restrictions.
  • Many students who are involved in the role of student office duty are completing a great booklet devised by the Wellbeing Team. They are enjoying the activities and the goal setting processes that are part of the booklet and help with the development of their Individual Education plans.

Professional Learning

  • Whole school teams and faculties continue to work towards completing our current school plan and developing collaborative skills in this space.
  • Moreover collaboration has continued to refine and develop programming and resources in the subject areas that have new HSC Syllabus. Many teachers are engaging in great online based learning with faculties here at school and across the network. The inclusion of projects or deliverables in these processes ensure that all theoretical ideas and practices can be put into place.

Veronica -

Year 8 Students

  • Students have selected their electives for next year.
  • Students are working well. I have been visiting roll call groups to support individual and groups of students in encouraging them to remain on-task and be organised for school each day.
  • Students are being acknowledged for excellent attendance.
  • Students are being encouraged to nominate for the SRC.

Year 11 Students

  • I am currently coordinating the revision of the Year 12 assessment booklet. This has involved meeting with executive staff and asking for input on revisions of the booklet, I thank Mr Mark Tishler, Mrs Heather Costa, Ms Mel Collins, Ms Philippa O’Sullivan and MrGrant Burne for their input. The booklet includes information on Life Skills, scope and sequences. It will be distributed next term.
  • The commencement ceremony will be changed due to COVID 19.
  • Students have been completing the Life Ready Program. This is a mandatory three-day program including topics such as: Ethical Use of Digital technology, Independence, Road Safety, Mindfulness and First Aid. Thanks to Ms Nicole Boyles for her work in organising this program and to the PDHPE faculty for their work. Year 11 students have been highly engaged.

Staff initiatives and Faculty Coordination

  • Each week I give an award to a classroom teacher for their work in leadership in the school. This award is published in ‘Musings’ - our staff newsletter. It is called a top 1%er and is designed to continue to recognise and celebrate the work of classroom teachers. I offer to do one of their playground duties.
  • This week the Top 1%er award was given to Ms Langley for her great work in organising the Year 12 assembly. I thank her for her work. The week before the award was given jointly to Ms Moore, for her organisation of RUOK Day and to Ms Worthington for her focus on encouraging teachers maintain their wellbeing. Thanks to all these staff members.
  • I have met with all the Head Teachers of the faculties that I supervise and we have completed their mid-year reviews for their Professional Development Plans (PDPs). I thank them all for their great work.
  • SASS PDPs -I am meeting with the General Assistant, Farm Assistant and SLSOs to complete their PDPs.

Work Health and Safety

  • Thanks to Mr Jack Connor in his work in leading the WH&S committee in working hard to maintain a safe school environment. We have completed our evacuation drill. We have really achieved a great deal including: bollards, additional outdoor picnic tables and attached seating in shady areas. Our General Assistant, Mr Roger Worthington and the SRC are valuable contributors to our meetings.


  • Uniforms: All changes as discussed previously have been ordered with Lowes and changed uniforms should be available from early 2020

Meeting Closed: 

7.30 PM

Next Meeting: 

Monday October 19, 2020. 6:30PM

Annexure A

Draft Project Proposals

Project 1

Resurface of outside of Library area


The outdoor area outside the library needs to have concrete or asphalt as it gets muddy during wet weather.


This space is used by students at recess and lunch. This could also be used for year meetings and could allow more seating on ground if it was re-surfaced.

Funds/ Projected costs (Indicative only)

Concrete: $25,000

Asphalt $10,000-$15,000

Other information/ notes

It can become a WHS issue when there is wet weather.

Projected Timeline

The timeline once quote was accepted would be relative to availability of contractor. Would be suited to holiday and would take a few days/week to complete the project.

Project 2

Commercial Kitchen


A commercial kitchen that was


A commercial kitchen would be used the senior Hospitality students and it has been included as a suggestion from the VET audit. This facility could also be used for whole school events.

Funds/ Projected costs (Indicative only)

A quote has been:

$210,000 for two kitchens

One kitchen: $105,000

This would need to be confirmed. 

Other information/ notes

Suggestion of P and C funding half of the total and the school funding 50%. 

Projected Timeline

Timeline would be lengthy due to size of project.

Approximately 6-12 months. 

Project 3

Mobile Computer Lab


Mobile Computer Lab of 30 computers to be stationed in Science.


The computer lab would relieve the amount of bookings that are used for the library. 

Funds/ Projected Cost (Indicative only)


Other information/ notes

This proposal was raised by Head Teacher Science and has been presented to the Parents and Citizens at our August Meeting. 

Projected timeline

Ordering and installation would be 4-6 weeks depending on availability of chosen laptops.

Project 4

School Murals across the school “Celebrating Diversity Mural”


School murals on exterior and interior walls of school.

Celebrating Diversity Mural” would be located on wall looking over the quadrangle. 


Improves and transforms the aesthetics

Funds/ Projected Cost (Indicative only)

The mural that that was put into the senior area was $9,000.

Other information/ notes

Student voice in reflection of the murals has been extremely positive. Students have asked about other walls being done in the future. 
Projected Timeline

Once mural design is complete 4-6 weeks for installation.

This would depend on provider. 

Project 5

Finishing the sheltered walkway at the back portables P10 and P11. 


This would be a completion of the awning that was put in to cover students when waiting at portables 10 and 11.


This would keep the students dry in wet weather.

Funds/ Projected Costs (Indicative only)

Quotes need to be obtained

Other Information/ notes

This was put forward as an SRC proposal.

Projected Timeline

The timeline once quote was accepted would be relative to availability of contractor. Would be suited to holiday and would take a few days/ week to complete the project.