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P&C Minutes November 2020



November 16, 2020. 


Live via Zoom


6.30 PM


As recorded in ‘MFHS P&C Attendance List 16 November 20’- Not for circulation.


As above.




Bank Statements and P& C Newsletter.


Sent a letter from P& C regarding Year 6 to Year 7 welcome letter to Heather.


Balance $ 71,467.19 (as per the last bank statement)


Welcomed everyone for the P and C Meeting team during these interesting times. Thanks to Soudara for her work on the Principal selection panel.



Thank you to K Hannaford our zoom host tonight.

Higher School Certificate Examinations

  • Our Year 12 students recently completed their Higher School Certificate (HSC) Examinations and we wish them all the very best with their HSC results and we wish them every happiness in their lives. They have completed the sign out process in the last two Thursdays. We look forward to hosting a morning tea for them on Friday December 18.

Student Leadership Team

  • I would like to formally congratulate our newly appointed MFHS Student Leadership Team.
  • Captains: Shamika GC and Luke Cox
  • Vice Captains: Julyanne Poutoa and Dylan Perera.
  • Head Prefects: Arushi Chand, Catherine Chua, Asher Mali
  • Prefects: Harashada Chaure, Amrit Kaur, Enan Talukder, Grace Johnston
  • SRC Representatives: Chang-Chien Lin, Prasanna Middella

School Plan: Situational Analysis

  • We had our annual MFHS Executive Conference on November 10 and the MFHS Executive Staff presented Analysis Reports to our Director of Educational Leadership Ms Karen Endicott.
  • Presentation Topics: Parent Tell Them from Me Data, Students Tell Them from Me Data, Staff Tell Them from Me Data, Positive Behaviour for Learning, MFHS Awards, HSC Results/Grades Analysis, Individual Education Plans, Suspension and Attendance Data and Student Voice @ MFHS.
  • We have our next planning meeting for the next school plan this Wednesday with the St Andrews Network.
  • Remembrance Day featured a video of our Captains/Vice Captains and has been published on our school website.

NAIDOC Week was last week and the theme of this week was: Always Was Always Will Be

  • This week featured activities in PBL and also Year Meetings. A big thanks to Nicole Boyles and Melissa Collins for their organisation. We also have produced a video titled We Are Macquarie Fields and I need to thank Katherine Hannaford.

November Newsletter is to be published this week.

Presentation Day is scheduled for Friday December 11 and will be student participants only. 

Commendation Letter 

Dear Sir, Madam I was at Glenquarie Shopping Centre last week and noticed 5 or 6 high school students from Macquarie Fields High. The boys looked very impressive in their uniforms wearing their Class of 2020 jackets, neatly dressed and tidy, one young man even wearing a tie. I assumed these young men may have been Year 12 students, possibly having completed their exams for the day, and I would like to commend the students for their demeanour and behaviour; being quietly spoken and well-mannered. They are a credit to themselves and their school.

I’m sorry I haven’t emailed sooner, as I imagine they may have finished their exams and left school by now, but thought I should write to complement the school on such impressive students. My three children all attended Macquarie Fields High, quite a few years ago now, and were proud of their school. Kind regards Suzanne Smith


Heather -

Year 12 - 2020

  • Most of the Year 12 cohort for 2020 have now completed their sign out after the successful completion of the HSC exams. Year 12 were focused and hardworking throughout the HSC exams. Justin and I had the pleasure of meeting with Year 12 as they signed out. Valuable discussions were held around their future endeavours and memories of their time at MFHS.
  • Morning Tea for Year 12 will be organised for the 18th December. This is the day that both HSC and ATAR results are being released. Year 12 will be invited to come to the Morning tea this day. The majority of staff will be on holidays, however, the senior exec and other staff who would like to attend will come to celebrate with Year 12 on this day.

Year 9- 2020

  • Year 9 have successfully navigated through their yearly exams.
  • Overall Year 9 have demonstrated great resilience and hard work throughout this year, which will put them in a great place for their ROSA in 2021.
  • Continuing to work on attendance and lateness with Year 9, stressing the importance of good attendance/punctuality and it's link to successful academic outcomes.

Year 6 into 7 Transition

  • The Year 7 2021 team will be conducting visits to Primary schools for orientation, Year 7 will have their first day on 29th January 2021 where we will run an Orientation style day for their first day of high school.
  • The team is currently preparing O packs for our incoming Year 7's. Thank you to Dan for providing a letter for our new Year 7's to go into the O Pack.


  • Clearance will be held for Years 7 -10 on December 3rd, students will need to return their borrowed text books for re allocation in 2021.

Louisa -

Year 7

  • NAIDOC Presentation- thanks Melissa Collins
  • A great opportunity for students to engage in NAIDOC in the current COVID restrictions. It was great to see our Year 7 Aboriginal students representing in the school through the “We Are Macfields Project”. Students were able to represent their tribe and Aboriginal culture with the overall intention of promoting all of our students to welcome visitors to our school through their own language.
  • This clip can be found on our social media pages.
  • As a part of the NAIDOC celebration, year 7 students will be involved in an incursion on 17th and 18th November. The incursion will go for 45 minutes and students will be engaging with a VR activity. Each session can only accommodate 25 students with all Year 7 students being involved. Thanks to Ms Hegde for organising this event.
  • Tests and assessment for year 7 and they are working hard showing great diligence and determination. High volumes of positive letters going home.

Year 10

  • Also involved in the NAIDOC presentation and despite the heat the students’ behaviour was outstanding with some very profound and meaningful responses that will be on display in the school library.
  • Thanks to the Learning Support team for helping all our students reach the target of completing all of their Year 10 work for the completion of the ROSA (Record of Student Achievement). They are very well supported by the team of Ms Hegde, Mr Antony, Ms Higham, Ms Fong and Mr Wood and other teachers on learning support.
  • Thanks also to Ms Purdon, Mrs Buckler, Mr Antony and Ms Hannaford for supporting Year 10 student participation in TAFE Taster programs in the lead up to senior school. Programs like Robotics allow for students to engage in these technology areas but also experiencing the adult learning environment which is very important.
  • Thanks again to Mr Antony for his support of some of Year 10 boys who have been working on our Peace Garden with the idea of following Mr Perrett’s lead and planting more native plants.
  • Welcome to a new SLSO joining the ranks of supporting our students Mr Josiah Folau. Previously a pre service teacher in our History faculty we have been able to secure some additional funds and employ Josiah for an additional two days.
  • Preparation of the Year 11 Assessment Booklet which is in the final stages of preparation and we look forward to having this ready for Year 11 2021.

Professional Learning

  • Some focus areas have been to evaluating and improving our senior programs in the light of Year 12 finishing.
  • Whole school teams continue processes of evaluating our school plan and drawing together our final target areas.
  • Executive conference was also outstanding and enriching process in the development of our new plan as we continue our situational analysis.
  • As a school we continue to support many teachers who are marking or have finished marking the HSC this year. This is an incredibly rewarding exchange and the knowledge brought back to the school and shared across faculties is very important to the continued improvement of our students’ learning outcomes.

Veronica -


  • The Outdoor gym program with the local PCYC is going well. Students meet with Police every Tuesday morning before school for a fitness program. We have had a number of students in Year 11 and Year 12 interested in this. Thanks to Mr Nathan Antony for his organisation. Mr Patrick Robinson is also supporting the program. We are looking to extend this to other year groups.
  • Thanks to the Head Teachers I supervise for their great work.

Year 8 Students

  • Students are working well and are enjoying the activity books in their PCG groups. I thank all the rollcall teachers for their work with students.
  • We are continuing to meet with students and provide individualised/ small group supports

Year 11 / Year 12 2020 Students

  • Students are working on HSC courses.
  • We are continuing to meet with students and provide individualised/ small group support.


  • Year 8-12 return on 1st February 21.
  • Justin is working on video recording of the presentation day.

Meeting Closed: 6.54 PM

Next Meeting: Monday February 15, 2021. 6:30PM