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P&C February Meeting Minutes


February 15, 2021. 


At school plus on Zoom


6.30 PM


As recorded in ‘MFHS P&C Attendance List 15 February, 2021- Not for circulation.


As above.




To be collected.




Balance $ 71,467.19 (as per the last bank statement)


Welcomed everyone for the P and C Meeting and thanked the parents and citizens who were able to make it to the meeting.



  • Acknowledgement of country – thrilled to be working on the land of the Dharawal people. At today’s assembly we recognised the 13th Anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generation, with flags at half-mast.
  • I had such a warm welcome late last year when I came to visit the school for the first time. Thank you to Justin for being such a terrific Relieving Principal and showing me the ropes at Mac Fields HS.
  • As Principal, I am the principal ‘teacher’ of the school, and as such students remain my central focus.My Principal Reports at P&C meetings will include lots of photos of school life as I believe a picture paints a thousand words.
  • I believe in Maslow before Bloom i.e. Students wellbeing before higher level learning.
  • I want to work with parents & carers to raise ‘loud and noisy Australians’.
  • The school has just completed a very successful 3-year school plan (2018-2020) and achieved great outcomes during that time, including Independent Learning Plans (IEPs) for all students and a new House System to name two.
  • This term I will be seeking feedback from parents/carers about the school’s directions in the next Strategic Improvement Plan for 2021-2024.
  • I am very happy to work with such a great Senior Executive Team in Justin Perrett (9 & 11), Luisa Trieu (8 & 11) and Heather Costa (7 & 10) and am impressed with the school’s wellbeing structure to ensure that all students in our school are known, valued and cared for.

What’s Been Happening at Mac Fields (Term 1, Week 1 – Week 4)

  • On Friday 29 January we welcomed our new Year 7 students and their nervous parents. It is a lovely initiative of the school to let Year 7 have the school to themselves on their first day, and they were well supported by our student leaders from Year 12.
  • We welcomed students in Years 8-12 back on Monday 1 February and had our first whole school assembly for the year, with PBL* prizes for lucky Year 7 students. (*Positive Behaviour for Learning).
  • During Week 2, Year 7 students did the Best Start Assessment online, which gathers up-to-date information about their skills in literacy and numeracy. Teachers will use this data to inform their teaching & learning activities with Year 7 classes.
  • I love having a school farm onsite to enrich student learning about agriculture and horticulture and I have enjoyed ‘fruits of student labour’ in the form of fresh eggs, red onions, spinach and chillies.
  • I have met the following school community leaders who support our students:
    • Uncle Charlie visits each Wednesday lunchtime to support our Indigenous Students, and
    • Snr Constable Alan Clapham is our Police School Liaison Officer
  • I attended the first SRC meeting for the year and was impressed with our student leaders from Years 8-12. Year 7 will have the opportunity to be on the SRC later this term.
  • As highlighted in the school’s newsletter, our HT Technologies, Grant Byrne was honoured with the DATTA* 2019 Teacher of the Year Awards. The awarding of this was delayed last year due to COVID, but we are very proud of Grant for his recognition as a very high-quality teacher and educational leader, at a school, state and national level. (*Design & Technology Teacher Association).
  • Our Year 10 History elective class are working with Mr Neale and Mr Perrett to prepare for our school’s 40th Anniversary. They are going through archives in the Library and coming up with ideas for how we might celebrate this milestone as a school community.
  • In my role as Principal, I love to get out about and take photos of students in the playground, classroom or other venues. I hope parents don’t mind when I share them on social media. I have been impressed by the vast number of happy, smiling students at the school.
  • Following the restrictions on extra-curricular activities in 2020 it is great to see that band and ensemble programs are back up and running and our cheerleading teams are back in action and training on Tuesday mornings before school. I am very thankful for teachers who go above and beyond to provide these enriching activities for students.
  • The SRC and teachers agreed it would be great to recognise Lunar New Year on Friday 12 February. We celebrated our cultural diversity with wearing of red and gold and wishing each other all the best for the year of the ox.
  • Red featured strongly again on Tuesday 16 February as Year 12 held a fundraiser to recognise Valentines Day. $700 was raised by Year 12 and will be used for a breakfast program for students.
  • At the assembly on Monday 15 February we launched our new House System, which will be supported by each member of the senior executive – aim is to build school spirit:
    • Firetails – Red (Karyn O'Brien)
    • Bellbirds – Blue (Heather Costa)
    • Rosellas – Green (Lusia Trieu)
    • Honeyeaters – Yellow (Justin Perrett)
  • The first big event for our new Houses will be the Swimming Carnival on Friday 19 February. Unfortunately, due to COVID we cannot invite parents & carers this year. We hope the weather will be kind to us and that students have a great day.
  • Schools have been given additional funding to support individual tutoring for students as a result of COVID-19. Our school will be re-establishing a weekly Homework Club (start date TBC), which will have small-group tutoring by experienced teachers and tutors:
    • Monday 3:20 – 5:30pm Year 11 and Year 12
    • Tuesday 3:20- 5:30pm Year 9 and Year 10
    • Wednesday 3:20 – 5:30pm Year 7 and 8
  • The school is always striving to improve communication with families so please make sure you use:
  • Finally, I look forward to meeting parents and carers this year. It is great to be able to meet again face-to-face and I hope many more parents can attend the next P&C Meeting, either in person or on Zoom.


Heather -

Year 7

  • Overall, Year 7 have settled in well and are adjusting to the changes at high school.
  • Year 7 attended a Bullying awareness year meeting today to introduce them to the schools Anti-Bullying Policy and Statement. Year 7 were very well behaved and they then went to class and completed an activity. Thanks to the Wellbeing team and in particular YA Kate Moore for organising.
  • Year 7 camp has been booked for August. At this stage we will need to see how the COVID situation is going, however, we are trying to stay positive in the hope it will go ahead.
  • There will be a Cyber Safety presentation for Year 7 in March conducted by our PYLO Snr Constable Allan Clapham. We want to educate year 7 on being cyber safe and on using social media appropriately.

Year 10

  • Some students in Year 10 have made a change to one of their elective courses for 2021.
  • I will be meeting with Year 10 next week to distribute their assessment booklets for their ROSA. This will include information about when assessments are due, illness/misadventure and supports for assessment.
  • Year 10 were able to take an application form today to apply to be a Peer Support leader, working with Year 7. This is a great leadership opportunity for Year 10.
  • Encourage Year 10 students to listen to daily notices – lots of opportunities including White Card training and the peer support program.

Louisa -

Year 8

  • Great start to the year with new KLAs to engage in such as art and music as well as STEM (Science, Technology, English and Maths).
  • Visiting classrooms seeing students very engaged and focused on learning new skills.
  • Wellbeing team is planning additional events to build team spirit
  • Peer Support program to continue
  • Whole year group Google Classroom
  • Uniform changes to grey skirts, shorts and pants for junior girls
  • Uniform changes to new green sport shirt for all students
  • Slow transition across the next few years
  • Following processes well for mobile phones, uniform compliance etc.

Year 11

  • Excellent start to the year
  • Subject changes continuing
  • Senior uniforms have been well received
  • Peer Support to start in coming weeks. Mentor the Year 8 group
  • Study skills course- Elevate to be delivered this week
  • Nexus mentors- Wellbeing Team available on the Privilege Senior Study Day
  • Assessment Booklets next week develop targeted programs, focus on Individual Education Plans (IEPs), wellbeing sessions, opportunity to meet areas of student need.
  • Whole year group Google Classroom.

Professional Learning 2021

  • Continuing in online capacity.
  • Focus within school on refining Stage 6 and Stage 5 programs to build on the success of Year 12 2020.
  • Strengthening the capacity of staff in the school such as Chemical safety, Peer Support training, regional networking around KLAs, new courses to the school and technology.

Justin -

  • Year 9 and Year 12 Teaching and Wellbeing Team: In my role as Deputy Principal, I have the privilege of working with an amazing Teaching and Wellbeing Team that supports all students in Years 9 and 12.
  • On our team we have:
    • Head Teacher Teaching and Wellbeing: Ms Melissa Collins 
    • Year 12 Adviser: Ms Rhiannon Hall
    • Assistant Year 12 Adviser: Mr Josh Luc
    • Year 9 Adviser: Mr Alex Colless
    • Assistant Year 9 Adviser: Mr Sean Duncan
  • At the end of our 2020 our Year 9 Assistant Adviser Mr Patrick Robertson was successful in gaining a permanent position at Moorebank High School. I would like to thank Mr Robertson for his work at our school and wish him the very best in his future endeavours. I would also like to thank Mrs Veronica Mafi for her outstanding work as Relieving Deputy Principal and wish her every success in her role as Deputy Principal Special Education at James Busby High School.

Year 9

  • At the end of 20202 our students drafted their 2021 Individual Education Plans. I have been reviewing these in my role as Deputy Principal Year 9. The IEP’S are an important process in ensuring that MFHS students are known, valued and cared for.
  • Year 9 Electives have been very popular in 2021 and I’m now meeting with students who are looking at making some changes to their curriculum pattern.
  • Year 9 students’ donations from their wellbeing day were donated to the Lomandra Project and provided dinner for 20 local families

Year 12

  • Excellent start to the year. They have settled in well to 2021 and are working well in their HSC Year.
  • Privilege Pass Day: Year 12 Senior Day. This is earnt through excellent attendance and completion of HSC Work.
  • Year 12 Valentine Day Fundraiser has been fantastic for school spirit and has been an excellent fundraiser.
  • Year 12 have Study Skills Session Tuesday 16 February 2021
  • Luke Cox has been selected to participate in the National Schools Constitutional Convention on 24-25 March 2021. He is one of 124 selected across Australia and our first MFHS student to be selected.
  • 2021 MFHS Swimming Carnival.
  • Oval Update.
  • Covered area upgrade: Front of Library.
  • Our 40th Birthday: The Year 10 History Elective Project with Mr Troy Neale (Head Teacher History/Languages).


  • The AGM will be held on Monday 15 March 2021 at 6:30PM, this will be followed by the regular P&C.
  • Principal invited members from P & C for represent in following strategic advisory committees:
    •  Finance Strategy: Anna, Hitesh and Soudara expressed their interest.
    • Merit Selection: Anna expressed her interest.
  • Need for promoting and participating in public speaking/debating opportunities for children was raised. In 2020 there were debates held in the region and state via zoom. The school executive advised that there are number of opportunities that is available for children including in subjects as English. However, due to COVID restriction last year, number of public speaking activities were impacted. However, going forward there will be a number of opportunities available.
  • To a question on Google Classroom, school executive advice that it is widely available across all school years.
  • The school Portal, that parents were granted access to mid 2020 has only semester reports uploaded. A parent suggested that this is an opportunity to share information such as assessments, deadlines, events, letters etc.
  • A question was raised as to when Assessment Booklets will be released. Response: Week 8. It was requested that these could be expedited (please).
  • A parent asked if there is a Chess Club and how can their year 7 child be involved? Response: Chess is well promoted in the school.

Meeting Closed: 7.30 PM

Next Meeting: Monday March 15, 2021. 6:30PM (AGM followed by P&C)