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P&C Minutes May 2021


May 17, 2021. 


School Library plus on Zoom 


6.35 PM 


As recorded in the ‘MFHS P&C Attendance List 17 May, 2021- Not for circulation. 


As above. 

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT Heather Costa/ Luisa Trieu 

Principal’s Report 

Melissa Collins– cyber-bullying workshop proposal

  • A proposal was put forward to P&C to conduct a cyber-bullying workshop through PROJECT ROCKIT
  • Action: School to provide a matrix of services available (with costings) for a fully informed consideration by the 


  • Lowes: With regards to zip feature that was not previously incorporated in the girls’ uniform, Heather discussed the issue that the grey shorts do not have a zippered pocket with Lowes and they have advised that the zip feature will be incorporated in the upcoming batches of uniform supplies. Action : Lowes to advise when rectified and in stock. 
  • Opening the school gate located on the Wattle Avenue: Heather noted that this gate was closed due to WH&S considerations (as the walkway is uneven) and insufficient staff resources to supervise. Having one main gate facilitates better control. Action Closed.
  • Lockers: Lockers for children are not currently available. The discussion took place on availability of suitable space to hold lockers, WH&S aspects and management of the asset (e.g. loss of keys, replacement, repair). One parent suggested look into option of 3rd party managed lockers and put forward the proposal at the P&C.


  • Bank Statement. 
  • Troy Neale’s email of 9 May 21 to Dan about the 40th Anniversary ( it was later circulated to P&C executive) 


  • The Secretary of the P&C has submitted an application under the “Community Building Partnership 2021” on 13 May 21 for the ‘MFHS Thermal Comfort ProjectShade Structure for Playgrounds’ for $32,960. The outcome is expected by November 21. The President thanked all personnel who worked on this submission. 


Balance -ANZ Bank Balance $ 79,423.03 (as of April 21). 


  • Two members proposed that P and C should take opportunities to increase its activities and promote including applying for grants, promotional event (e.g. careers expo etc.), fund raising (e.g. father’s day raffle, celebrations day, 40 year celebrations, X mas raffle etc). Heather and the President suggested that a formal proposal along with costing be presented to the P&C and couple of them to be progressed as a test case. 
  • The school proposed that the P&C sponsor a Zoom account to run the P&C Meeting as it has become quite popular method of participation. The P&C endorsed that the P&C funds can be utilised to pay for the Zoom account. It was suggested that the school pay using their credit card and P&C issue a cheque later. 
  • In order better inform the parents about functions of the P & C, a member suggested that the school website to have link to the FAQs area of the P & C Association. Action complete, email sent to the School by the Secretary on 20 May 21. 
  • To improve the functioning of the P&C, a suggestion was made to limit the time being devoted to Principal’s report and provide opportunity for P&C members to discuss, contribute to improve the school. The Secretary has been requested to invite the P&C Members to provide topics for agenda via google doc. 
    • Dan commented that he really likes the new presentation and finds the photographs make it interesting. He commented that the e combined presentation has already made it shorter and it is now a good length 

Meeting Closed: 

8.05 PM

Next Meeting: 

Monday June 21, 2021. 6:30PM