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P&C Meeting minutes November 2021


15th Nov 2021.




6:30 PM


via zoom [19 participants (incl. 10 financial members)] As recorded in MFHS P&C Attendance List 15th Nov 2021- Not for circulation.


as above


Membership payment via electronic banking





Four new membership ($8 to be added to balance) application received. Will deposit in one go as membership may still flow in. Receipt will be issued and entered members list for 2021.

Balance Credit Debit Total Balance 16/02/2021
$78 910.03 - - $78 910.03


  • Student Support Officer (SSO) Henry Yoo 
    • My goal as an SSO is to work alongside students to promote safety, resilience and pro-social behaviours. I aim to be a port-of-call for all students who wish to seek advice, guidance and support in any matter that impacts their wellbeing. I look forward to getting to know the students and families of Macquarie Fields High when we are back at school 
  • School canteen now open
  • Community connection; 
    • MFHS says Thank you to Glenquarie Vaccination Centre 
    • MFHS attended Remembrance day 
    • Tell Them From Me (TTFM) survey sent out 
    • SELECTIVE ENTRY YEARS 8 -11 2022 scheduled for Sat, 13th Nov 2022 
  • TERM 4 2021 
    • Back to normal school day, Tuesday 16 November 
    • Year 11 reports posted home in Week 7 
    • Student Vaccination Clinic: 
      • Dose #1, Wednesday 17 November 
      • Dose #2, Wednesday 8 December
    • Finance Committee Meeting, Monday 22 November 
    • ‘Virtual’ Year 6 Orientation Day, Tuesday 23 November 
    • Year 8 Parent Meeting re Accelerated Science Program, 5pm, Wednesday 24 November 
    • Year 12 Sign-out Days, 3 and 6 December 
    • Year 12 Graduation @ Wests Leagues, 11:00am, Thursday 9 December 
    • Year 12 Formal, Wednesday 15 December 
    • Last Day for students Years 7-11.5, Thursday 15 December 
    • Year 7-10 reports posted home in Weeks 10-11 


MFHS Finance committee- No update


Community building grant: Open

Action: P&C

Shade Sail Community Building Partnership 2021 application; outcome expected to be announced later this year

18 Aug 2021: No update

15 Nov 2021: News is expected soon

Membership EFT facility: Open

Action P&C

18 Oct 2021: Propose P&C Membership form to include EFT facility. Membership form to be included in student enrolment information pack

14 Nov 2021: EFT facility was successfully tested by treasurer EFT option added to Membership form for 2022.

ACNC registration: Open

Action: P&C

18 Oct 2021: Voted ‘yes’ to become a charity

16 Nov 2021 Pending information to complete form

P&C Federation Model constitution: Close

Action: P&C

18 Oct 2021: Voted ‘yes’ to adopt P&C Federation Model constitution

16 Nov 2021: P&C Federation Model constitution uploaded to Federation Portal.

Lockers: Open

Action: MFHS/SS

Lockers for children are not currently available. The discussion took place on availability of suitable space to hold lockers, WH&S aspects and management of the asset (e.g. loss of keys, replacement, and repair). Justin to table this issue at the school’s WH&S committee on 29 July 21 and advise P&C whether there is a space available to put the lockers.

16 Aug 2021: WHS committee will look at possible location for lockers within MFHS at next WHS meeting

18 Oct 2021: MFHS has identified area for lockers including some outdoor areas. J.Booker and Worthington are in the process of sourcing lockers. SS to forward locker manufacturer.

15th Nov 2021: J.Booker to proceed with tender process

Gate @ Wattle St: Open

Action: MFHS

Opening the school gate on the Wattle Avenue: School’s Business Manager has approached the council and awaiting a response

16 Aug 2021: MFHS staff to meet with council rep delayed due to Covid lockdown

18 Aug 2021: MFHS inspected gate at Wattle Street. Some safety issue due to no paths provide on the council reserve. Suggest possible P&C follow up.

15 Nov 2021: Request parent for support in drafting letter to council. MFHS is happy to support this move. School to improve path on the school side of the gate if council path is possible.

Lowes: Open

Action: HC

With regards to zip feature that was not previously incorporated in the uniform, Heather advised that no further update has been received from Lowes. It was noted that as the uniforms are generally coming from overseas, it could take some time for any new requirement to be incorporated.

16 Aug 2021: Lowes confirmed next delivery of shorts will have zippers on the pocket

18 Aug 2021: No update

15 Nov 2021: No update, current, instore stock does not have zipper pocket. Old stock to be depleted.


A consultative process on the types of technologies used within the school and how it will be governed. Digital Devices in Schools Policy Parent Consultation as presented by B.Mattchett (HT Science) and K.Hannaford for your consideration. 

Digital Devices in Schools Parent Consultation presentation

Digital Devices in Schools Policy and Procedure

Parent Question: Regarding bring your own computer theft and damages.

Answer: Care is taken and students are asked to be mindful of personal belongings but unfortunately school is not responsible for damages or theft.

Meeting Closed:

7:23 PM

Next Meeting:

TBC 2022. 6:30PM (venue tbc)


We heard after the P&C meeting that we have been successful in receiving the Community Building Partnership 2021 grant round for the following project:

CBP21 - 1348 - MFHS Thermal Comfort Project - Shade Structure for Playgrounds


The Funding Deed and EFT Banking Details forms must be completed by 31 March 2022