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P&C Minutes August 2021


16th August, 2021.




6:30 PM


via zoom (45 participants)

As recorded in MFHS P&C Attendance List 16th Aug, 2021- Not for circulation.


as above


P&C Secretary tendered resignation notice.




Balance Credit Debit Total Balance 16/8/2021
$79 485.03 Nil $575.00 Insurance $78 910.03


  • It has been a ‘long’ month since our last meeting for all of us as we continue with remote learning.
  • Thank you to our school community for respecting the stay at home health orders, and thanks especially to the Senior Executive team (Heather, Justin & Luisa) for their leadership, strength and good humour as we lead our students and staff through this challenging period.
  • The current lockdown period is set to finish on Saturday 28 August, however we expect it will soon be announced by the Premier that this may be extended.
  • As Campbelltown is one of the hotspot LGAs, Year 12 students are no longer able to access the school for specialist facilities and work on major HSC projects.
  • Formal assessment tasks for all year groups have been cancelled and teachers have been asked to use formative assessment practices during the remote learning period so that students make good progress with their learning in each subject.
  • All school camps and trips have been cancelled and parents offered the option of refunds.
  • Annual Celebration Day in Term 3 Week 10 has been cancelled, and our 40th Anniversary celebrations in November are under threat also.
  • Our focus has been on the impact on Year 12 students and their preparation for the HSC:
  • Trial HSC exams were cancelled, primarily due to wellbeing of students and inability to provide an equitable and fair online alternative. Students will receive estimates to finalise their school-based assessment results.
  • Organising the mass vaccination of 200 Year 11/12 students was a mammoth task, but well organise by our fabulous Wellbeing Team.
  • The Selective Entry Test for Years 8-11 students at MFHS in 2022 has been postponed until further notice.
  • Students and staff have been very impressed with our new Student Support Officer (SSO), Henry Yoo, who has been attending Year Meetings via Zoom, supporting individual students via phone calls and completing professional learning to assist him in this vital new student wellbeing role.
  • We are very pleased to be able to donate fresh eggs and produce from our farm to the Lomandra Community Project, providing food relief to people in need in our local community. Special thanks to our Farm Assistant Don Dean for facilitating this during lockdown.
  • Members of the Future Teachers Club (FTC) have been providing lessons for peers online and supporting HSC students with study notes. This is such a great initiative at MFHS, so we have nominated Perry Celestino (FTC Founder) for a national teaching award and the FTC program for an Innovative School award.
  • Science Week is being celebrated at MFHS from 16 August and our wonderful Science faculty have engaged students in all year groups to participate in a competition using the following creative modes: poetry, advertising, movies and art.
  • On Sunday 15 August we recognised the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence Day, with resources prepared and shared with our community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Our new look Instagram page for the school is now more aesthetically pleasing for our students and conveys important messaging and connections for SRC and student leaders with their peers.
  • Thanks to the hard work of Katherine Hannaford and her Library team in rolling out access to the Sentral Parent Portal for our parents and carers. Parents now have access to attendance data, timetables, previous school reports and more.
  • Not many upcoming events…but a few special days were discussed (and supported by parents) to support student wellbeing:
  • Wellbeing Wednesday, 25 August – the day will start with a brief year group Zoom Meeting and welcome, followed by a ‘choose your own adventure’ day where students can:
    • Connect to community
    • Connect to self
    • Connect to country
  • Catch-up Monday, 30 August – no ‘formal’ lessons or Zooms on this day. A chance for students to catch up outstanding work and for teachers to do some uninterrupted lesson planning and marking of student work.

Report from the Deputy Principals

Heather Costa

  • Please inform the school if your phone and/or contact details change.
  • Variations to the year 10 subject selection.
  • Please complete Ms Costa’s Survey and return via email

Luisa Trieu

  • Will be catching with year 8 regarding subject selection
  • Year 8 should already have handbook

Katherine Hannaford

  • Parent portal is now set up and an Email was sent out to set up access
  • Available on the portal-Student timetable, report, absentee reporting can be done prior and retrospectively.


Community Building Grant: Open

Action- P&C

Shade Sail Community Building Partnership 2021 application; outcome expected to be announced later this year community-building-partnership 2021

Lowes: Open

Action- Heather Costa

With regards to zip feature that was not previously incorporated in the uniform, Heather advised that no further update has been received from Lowes. It was noted that as the uniforms are generally coming from overseas, it could take some time for any new requirement to be incorporated.

16 Aug 2021: Lowes confirmed next delivery of shorts will have zippers on the pocket

Gate at Wattle St: Open

Action: MFHS

Opening the school gate on the Wattle Avenue: School’s Business Manager has approached the council and awaiting a response

16 Aug 2021: MFHS staff to meet with council rep delayed due to Covid lockdown

Lockers: Open

Action: MFHS/ SS

Lockers for children are not currently available. The discussion took place on availability of suitable space to hold lockers, WH&S aspects and management of the asset (e.g. loss of keys, replacement, and repair). Justin to table this issue at the school’s WH&S committee on 29 July 21 and advise P&C whether there is a space available to put the lockers.

16 Aug 2021: WHS committee will look at possible location for lockers within MFHS at next WHS meeting

Zoom account: Closed

Action: VP2

As agreed at the June 21 P&C, VP2(AG) has paid $125 towards a discounted subscription fee for the P&C Zoom account (through P&C Federation). P&C thanked Anna for taking the initiative. A cheque will be issued to Anna to reimburse expenses ($125).

16 Aug 2021: VP2(AG) has been reimbursed

Zoom now set up, will be is use for the next P&C meeting

P&C Affiliate Account: Closed

Action: VP2

P&C Affiliate account has been created, but there are issues with accessing the email.

16 Aug 2021: All account issue resolved. Now in use.

P&C Federation Info Session: Closed

Action VP2

NSW P&C Federation Information Session will be held on 20 July 21 at 6.30 PM via Zoom. Katherine will publish the Zoom details on the school platform. Additional information about P&C becoming a “Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) member” will be provided at this session.

16 Aug 2021: Session was informative and attended by all Office Bearer and MFHS staff (JP)


  • P&C secretary tendered their resignation. SS support the role until next AGM
  • Post P&C federation information session, MFHS P&C to consider ACNC status. A comparable chart is to be developed for consideration with the motion to become a charity and voted on at P&C meeting
  • School is currently concentrating on online learning. Face to face parent & teacher interview is not possible. If parents should parent require feedback regarding their student please contact teachers via school.

Meeting Closed:

7:30 PM

Next Meeting:

Monday October 18, 2021. 6:30PM